Avoid These Common Online Slot Myths & Errors To Ensure Maximum Wins!

Myths are common in almost every category of industry. Myths about online slots are also common since its inception. Unfortunately, these are circulated by PRO and novice players. But if you can avoid these online slot myths and errors, you can play with a cool head and make enough money, of course.

Myths about Online Slots:

Let’s look into the following myths about online slots and why they cause players to lose so much money.

The use of RNG

The online slots are computer-based games that use RNG. It is a program named Random Number Generator. Since most people don’t understand RNG and the operation of online slots – they spread primary myths about these games. And newbies consider these following myths to be true.

Online Slots Supply Their Slot Game Payouts at Particular Times

Another myth about online slots and casinos is that the developers only rig their slot payouts at a specific period. And people think the payout volume is higher during the high volume traffic periods.

However, the truth differs in reality. Online casinos like slot88 are subjected to follow strict regulations. They follow fair gaming laws monitored by different appropriate gaming commissions and organizations. Through regular verifications, the organizations ensure the website meets all standards and follows the regulations perfectly.

Moreover, online casino platforms don’t cheat on players as it’ll be risky for them if found guilty. Besides legal ramifications, the authentic sites will never bet their reputation and try any stunt.

Players Cannot Hit Jackpot Repeatedly

Well, another myth about online slots and casino gaming is that no player can hit constant jackpots again on that same game.

The truth is that virtual slot game developers use a digital interface powered by a computer microchip. Hence, the oversight and monitoring become more flexible. So, the technology spawns several billion possible combinations instantly after your initial spin.

Thus, each spin combination is random. And players cannot expect the assortment to be identical each time due to the microchip technology. So, the developers don’t outlaw you from winning a similar combination again and again.

A Large Payout Is Imminent

Mostly PRO players spread rumors about online casino games and slots with multiple false statements. One of them is – you can expect a large payout close if you didn’t hit the jackpot or high volume win for a longer period.

But, in online slot games, a random number generator plays a vital role. It makes every spin result unpredictable. Also, this technology-based game doesn’t recall the previous spins. It neither predicts what might happen in upcoming spins. The game is entirely based on randomness.

Therefore, the game cannot use equations or patterns to generate specific winning or loss results. Every spin is independent.


As we all know, online slots are fun content for people of every age. It’s more like a game of chance. However, players can consider choosing the reputed and reliable websites only for playing online slots, for example, Slot88. So, the playtime can be safe, and players can feel confident about their gaming.

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